292 | Ceiling Tiles | Glue Up On Any Hard Suface

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Design Code



Ships Within 6 to 10 Working Days


280 to 340 Grams gms

Depth Of Design

4 mm (0.16")



Pattern Size

285 mm (11.22")




Yes, WaterBase Paints

Installation Method

Glue Up Directly on any Hard and Plain Surface


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Decorative Ceiling Tiles are in the market for the past 30 Years. These are manufactured from High-Quality Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Sheets and are embossed in three dimensions, and then the artwork is created with various colors, effects, and processes to create an outstanding look, and the combination of the above results in an extraordinary incomparable appearance.

The Decorative Ceiling Tiles are available in a convenient size of 2×2 foot and are available in 70+ beautiful designs ( new designs coming up every week ! ) and in hundreds of color shades and finishes, with the combination of 2 or more colors gives you a look of a custom made ceiling for your project at fraction of the cost. You may enjoy Antique Metal-Look, Wood-like effects that resemble real wooden grains, Metallic (Gold, Silver, Copper, etc.), Pearl shine, etc., all of which create stylish and unrivaled beauty, which can not be possible to create with other ceiling tile products.

The Decorative Ceiling Tiles can be fixed on any Hard Plain Surface with any good quality rubber based adhesive. Or, these can be installed directly in a T-Grid System to create a False / Suspended / Drop Ceiling. These can be used in Homes, Offices, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Motels, Business complexes, etc. Their quality and economical value are exceptional.

All the Designs Are Available In All The Colors!


  • Environment Friendly and Recyclable
  • Tin Look & No Metal Echo!
  • Cuts With Scissors
  • Affordable
  • Will Not Rust
  • Light Weight
  • Class “A” Fire Rated
  • Long-lasting & Durable
  • Widest range to choose from
  • Partly replaceable
  • Color-able (Any good quality paint)
  • No Fungus & Termite Effect
  • Convenient Size 2′ x 2′
  • Washable (with mild detergent)
  • Weatherproof
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Dust-proof
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Easy, Quick & Inexpensive to fix
  • Non-flammable
  • No static (will not create static electricity, as other plastic does)
  • Ideal for any Ceiling in any weather condition

Installation Options:

Easy Glue up Directly on any Hard and Plain surface

OR Drop-In our Decorative Ceiling Tiles in your 24mm T Grids

OR Glue our Decorative Ceiling Tiles to any of your Existing Old Ceiling Tiles – be it a Mineral Fiber Ceiling or Gypsum Ceiling or Plain Metal Ceiling

Optional Related Products:

Filler Tiles:  Use this product to cover the smaller parts/edges of the room with these tiles and to get a seamless layout of the ceiling without cutting the larger main design. Available in The same size as the tile but can be cut according to the needs without any effect on the design.

Decorative Grid Covers: Use this product to cover the T-Grids. Available in 24mm X 600mm ( 1′ X 24′ ) size and in the same color/finish as the tiles so you will not have to go anywhere to match the colors of the grids with the tiles and your ceiling will look a seamless work of art without any color difference and without any noticeable Grids, and thereís more! These products are available with adhesive in the back so you will not have to apply any glue in the back of this small strip, just peel off the back paper and put it on the grids, and enjoy the look.

Pressure Clips: Also known as Hold Down Clips. These clips will hold your tiles in the grids ñ easy to apply in the back of the tile, not visible but it will work 24×7!

Please check out our Product Calculator to figure out how many tiles you might need for your project! And also, How To > Install Decorative Ceiling Tiles, to know more about the installation procedure, itís really simple and easy! 🙂

Please mention the application or method of installation in your order/inquiry – to suggest you more and to send you suggested layouts and details, to help you get to your decision and to make your project and the experience unique 🙂

If you want to add your special touch to our products, we welcome your suggestions /requirements. Customization is possible on all the above specifications.


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Images are not true representations of the actual color of the product, some are computer generated. Be sure to order samples to make sure the colors will work for you